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Our church...

is not of one of brick and mortar or alters and pews. 

Our church is made up of people,

seeking to know God and love each other. 

We are a family of faith who struggle and strive to carry Christ's light into our world.


We believe...

that God created our world and each one of us 

and sent his son Jesus to die as an atonement for our sins.

In response to that overwhelming act of love, we are to make and grow disciples of all men and women. 

We are guided in this walk by the Holy Spirit.


We love to...

sing, laugh, comfort, pray, EAT, fellowship, give, help, challenge, educate, play, say thank you, and hug. 


You are welcome...

no matter who you are,

how you are dressed

or burdens you carry,

to come into our doors and worship with us,

take communion,

or ask for help.

If we have not done it personally, consider yourself invited

to our services,

Sunday School,


cover dishes (don't worry, there's plenty),


and Wednesday night suppers. 

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